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Private Music Lessons
Private Music Lessons
Private Music Lessons

I offer a variety of private music lessons: in piano, guitar, and mandolin. I find that my rapport and skills with the younger set provides them with a wonderful base off of which to learn. So far all my students are enthused, joyous musicians, and many have stuck with lessons for a number of years: two facts of which I am very proud! Lessons are offered by the semester, and include opportunities to play with other musicians as well as to perform. I feel that the opportunity to perform (nerve-wracking for some, too short a time in the limelight for others!) is an important part of learning an instrument, and strive to create a fun, comfortable place for my students to do so.

Please contact me for scheduling options if you are interested. I currently have a waiting list, but things can certainly change. Please note that afterschool slots are in high demand, and priority will be given to current students.


Annual Fee: $35 Partially covers cost and time needed in preparation for recitals and other performance opportunities, the cost and time needed to stay current with technology trends, apps, etc., and my purchase of books, downloads, and miscellaneous expenses.  Student supplies are charged separately.

2020 Rate: $45 for a one-hour lesson (which includes 15 minutes of Off Bench Time) Some circumstances (group, very young children) may be different.  

Please remember that tuition covers more than my time with your musician at their lesson. Your timely tuition payment is an investment in quality music instruction, a guaranteed place in my studio and my preparatory planning outside of the lesson. This planning includes searching for repertoire, organizing recitals, researching and staying current with the latest technology, writing student recommendations, attending conferences and practicing. My commitment to the musical advancement of the musician I am teaching is a full-time effort, and goes above and beyond an hourly fee.

Payment Options
  1. Payment in Full, due on the 20th of the first month of each session. If paid in full by that date you receive a $10 credit towards the following semester.
  2. Payments may be made in THREE equal installments per session due on the 20th of each month.  You are responsible for dividing the tuition and making timely payments.  
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