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Karen is an awesome music teacher and I highly recommend Munchkin's Music class. I am 15 and have been in Karen’s classes since I was 3 or 4. Karen's classes sparked my interest for music at a very young age because she made it fun and entertaining. Now, music is my life and I hope to make it into a career. Overall, even if your not serious about music, the classes Karen offers are super fun for kids and might even start a lifelong interest.
Karen creates a space where the magic of music and mystery of childhood can play together unhindered. Her classes are a pure delight.
Amy Jo
I have three daughters who have all been to Karen's Munchkin's Music classes. I believe that starting babies in a music class helps develop important skills in life, like focusing in a classroom, hearing and counting to develop math skills, and socializing skills in a fun environment. Two of my three daughters have taken private music lessons with Karen for years and have become accomplished musicians! The third daughter (age 3) will continue to enjoy Munchkin's Music class until she starts kindergarten. Children love Karen's kind and fun nature. I am so thrilled that Karen continues to teach. Karen loves to watch children grow and always listens to them. Children of all ages love to learn and have fun with Karen Janssen.
Munchkin's Music is a wonderfully fun opportunity to bond with your child over singing, dancing and merriment. And this all happens in a warm environment that stimulates peer socialization and early exposure to musical development! Karen's dedication to offering this class in the Gunnison Valley is a huge asset to the community and our family is so thankful to have both Munchkin's Music and Miss Karen in our lives.
Karen has brought music into our family’s everyday life since our first daughter was 8 months old and in Munchkin's Music. She is now eighteen and is an accomplished musician! Karen’s teaching style works! Thank you, Karen, for sharing your love of music with our family!"
As a music educator myself, I know how important it is to expose young children to a variety of music. Both of my children have taken music class with Karen since they were under a year. Once my older son aged out of the Munchkin's Music classes he transitioned very smoothly into piano lessons with Karen. I believe that attending Munchkin's Music and listening to the cds at home greatly prepared my son's ear to be aware of duple and triple time, the basics of solfege and the ability to repeat rhythms and match pitches with his voice. He is now enthusiastic about playing the piano and enjoys his weekly lessons with Karen. She is very structured and positive and is fantastic with kids. I look forward to my younger son following suit, music class has always been one of our favorite bonding times of the week. Karen has a passion for children and music education and shares the belief that playing/singing music is an essential skill for all children to gain.
My son, Henry, attended Karen's Munchkin's Music class (for eight sessions!) between the ages of two and five. As a more reserved toddler, Henry rarely participated at all for the first couple of years. Instead, he would watch and listen during class, and then sing the songs on the walk home. Karen's animated yet gentle approach always made Henry feel welcome and engaged, and music class quickly became one of his favorite activities. As I parent, I appreciate how much Karen respects the children in her classes and allows for different learning styles. Her approach is playful and collaborative, and she skillfully leads children without ever pressuring them. After a couple years of watching and listening, Henry was ready to participate. Suddenly, he was moving, singing, playing instruments, and joking with Karen in class! He demonstrated an excellent ability to find the beat in music, and is now taking drum lessons.
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