TED Talk: How playing an instrument benefits your brain

Isn’t this video the coolest??? It was very validating to me, because for several years I’d been wondering WHY, WHY, WHY couldn’t I sleep after the band I played with finished a gig, or after a late night picking circle with my friends??? Learning that my brain was literally holding in a fireworks display of neural activity made perfect sense, and has somehow made those sleepless nights at least a bit more relaxed.

This video was sent to me by a parent of one of my students, which I greatly appreciated. I watched it on my phone with my three band mates in the musty basement of a house in Boulder, where we trying to rest before a gig in the city. Above our heads a party raged: the kind people who were housing us were hosting a giant ‘Friends-giving’ party that weekend after Thanksgiving. But while there was intense thumping, bumping, laughing, and stomping happening above us, we were all mesmerized by the material in this little clip. Enjoy!


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