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Harmony Project on CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley

A couple of weeks ago I was contemplating the path my life has taken with music, and what a gift it has been for me to have it in my life. I am filled with gratitude that I am able to share my love for it through my teaching. It’s not always easy, but it’s almost always rewarding! That said, I very often am asked if I teach voice lessons, or know of a choir that people can join, or other permutations of questions from those who feel musically-deprived in some way. One of these days perhaps our valley will have a community choir (which would be amazing!!), but in the meantime I’d been contemplating trying to organize a women’s song circle through which we could raise some voices together. I have some wonderful friends in Asheville, NC, who have succeeded in gathering groups of women for weekend singing retreats at a beautiful cabin in the Georgia mountains for years now. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a couple of these ‘Mountain Mama’ gatherings, and always leave inspired and with a laughter hangover. So from some of these thoughts the idea for the Song Sisters was born.

But here’s the really cool part. The morning I decided, “OK, I’m going to put myself out there and try to make this happen,’ I called a friend to get her opinion and she said, “That’s crazy! I was just thinking about singing, as I saw a (tear-jerking) fantastic report about a group called the Harmony Project, just this morning!” Seems the stars were aligned. I loved this powerful story, and hope you do too.


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