girl with reindeer antlers

Munchkin’s Holiday Update: Reindeer Sighting!

Greetings all!   I’m sad that the Munchkins won’t be gathering to deck the halls together this season…it’s the first time in almost 20 years! However, given the current state of affairs, it doesn’t seem that being together,… Read More

Entranced Munchkins!

Munchkin’s Music and Dance Fall Update

Greetings all!  As most of you know, there’s been no Munchkin’s Music and Dance classes this summer.  We took a break (after finishing out the winter/spring session on Zoom!) in hopes that we’d be able to resume in… Read More

News spelled out in scrabble letters


Coronavirus Update 12/20 … Hello all, I’m sad to say that for the first time in almost 20 years there is no Munchkin’s Holiday class beginning the week after Thanksgiving!  It’s been an ever-popular option for the season,… Read More

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