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“Quiet”…the Song Sisters are inspired!

I found the stories, photos, and videos from the Women’s March last January to be incredibly inspiring, but none so much as the performance of the song ‘Quiet’, written by Milck and performed on the spot by her and some women from the GW Sirens, a women’s vocal ensemble whom she had never met before. They rehearsed mainly through Skype, and then came together and performed several flash mobs, including the performance that went viral after the March. It’s a great story…Milck (Connie Lim) had written the song years before, but really felt a need to bring it out with the current political climate. Conditions were ripe for the song’s impact to truly be felt. She was invited on to Samantha Bee’s show to share even further, and now people all over the world are singing it; as one woman said, “When we harmonize we can’t be divided!” What’s awesome is that we’re doing this right here in Crested Butte!!! The Song Sisters have been working on these fantastic harmonies, joining our voices and energies to spread the message. We hope to share our version at some point this summer…stay tuned!

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